Motorized Shades - The Perfect Compliment to Any Video Presentation

Look no further than Go Media LLC for sophisticated motorized shading solutions suitable for diverse settings. These shades enhance any video presentation by offering automated control for accurate light manipulation, thus elevating comfort while optimizing energy use. Be it a conference room, classroom, or home theater setup, these motorized shades are a fitting choice. The established relationships with reputable suppliers and manufacturers warrant the delivery of only the highest quality shades to all clients. We work closely with our partners to offer various motorized shade solutions seamlessly integrated with your existing technology systems. Our team of experts has years of experience designing and installing motorized shading systems, ensuring that you receive a functional and stylish solution.

What Are The Benefits of Motorized Shades?

  •  Automated Control: Our motorized shades can be easily controlled with a single touch of a button, offering precise light regulation.
  •  Dual Shading Systems: Our dual shading systems combine blackout and translucent options for versatile light control and privacy.
  •  Wireless Connectivity: Our shades facilitate seamless integration with smart home or building automation systems, which allows remote control and scheduling via mobile devices.
  •  Advanced Fabrics: Our shades utilize advanced fabrics with UV protection that preserve the interior aesthetics and protect furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays.

How Motorized Shades Benefit Organizations


Motorized shades boost the quality of presentations by integrating with AV systems for optimal light control, enhancing image clarity on screens. They adjust in response to the projector’s brightness and lend a polished look to the room. Further, their stylish fabric options with UV protection help maintain the room’s interior aesthetics.


Motorized shades enhance energy efficiency, reducing energy costs for organizations. By adjusting light control, they moderate room temperature, which lessens the load on HVAC systems. In classrooms, they control natural light, helping to reduce screen glare and maintain a comfortable temperature. Their wireless functionality allows remote control and scheduling, optimizing energy use and improving comfort, thus protecting an organization’s bottom line.


Go Media LLC is your go-to for stylish, functional motorized shades for any setting – conference rooms, classrooms, or home theaters. We offer a variety of custom-designed shades to fit your budget, with advanced fabric for superb UV protection—experience wireless connectivity with your building or smart home system. Our experienced team ensures you receive a superior product. Get in touch to start your project today.